Welding parameters diagram

What are the correct welding parameters for my application?

You can use the stud diameter to determine the necessary parameters for weld time, current, lift, and protrusion, for studs with a pointed tip as well as studs with an aluminum ball.

You can use the following chart as a guide. Start with the matching stud diameter in the center. We have marked 16 mm by way of example.

Follow the diagram to the right to read off the weld time (top) and required current (bottom) at the same level within the green area. For our example, this would be 0.6 seconds and 1200 amperes. 

Follow the diagram to the left to read off the required lift at the same level. The value for a stud with pointed tip is on the blue line, while the red line shows that value for the stud with aluminum ball. Move further left in the diagram to find the necessary protrusion (stud protrusion beyond the copper support tube or ceramic ferrule). Use the same color allocation as for the lift for the relevant stud type.