After repair

What happens after my machine has been repaired?

Every machine that is repaired in our workshop undergoes the prescribed electrical safety test. So you can be sure that your machine has been fully tested and is fully functional. You can usually also find a separate reference to this service on your delivery note or quote.nvoranschlag.

A machine calibration is not included as standard. You can request a calibration as an optional extra. Our specialist welding engineers perform calibrations in line with DIN EN ISO 17662 as well as DVS leaflets 0714 and 3009. Calibrated machines are not just easy to operate, they are also perfectly set up for accurate welding results. See the Calibration section for more information.

Can a calibration extend my warranty period?

No, the 3-year warranty cannot be extended. DVS recommends the annual calibration of all welding machines irrespective of the warranty period. We recommend booking a calibration on this basis, but it is not mandatory.

How is the machine returned to me?

Once all necessary and agreed services have been completed, we send the machine back to you. We also supply the associated documentation.

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