The Repair

What can I expect from a repair?

We inspect the machine that you send in and localize all errors and defects that impact on correct operation. If we need to replace parts of the machine, we naturally exclusively use original parts. Once we have localized and rectified every defect, we carry out numerous tests on the machine to check its functions.

How long does a repair take?

That depends on several factors. As a general rule of thumb: around 10 days from the acceptance of the quote. There are a few factors that can influence the repair time: type of defect, number of defects, capacities. To increase the probability of a quick repair time, please give us some advance notice of the order. Make sure that you send in the complete machine, as we can only carry out repairs if the machine is complete.

If you would like the machine to be calibrated after a repair, it will take a bit longer until you receive your machine.

Will I receive a replacement machine for the duration of the repair?

Given that repairs do not take all that long, we usually do not provide a replacement machine. If you urgently require a replacement, please get in touch with us.

Where will my machine be repaired?

Machines that are sent in are exclusively repaired at our plants or by a distribution partner. In rare cases, we may also carry out repairs directly at your location. Please get in touch and we will clarify whether an on-site repair is appropriate in your specific case.

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